Elongated Coins

Elongated Pennies from the Penny Machine Company

A beautiful and intricate engraving depicting an unlimited variety of custom images is created when coins are flattened into elongated pennies. As a coin passes between two rollers it becomes elongate in shape and is instantly imprinted with the image engraved onto one of the rollers.

The elongated coins that emerge become a unique memento, a collector's item to commemorate visits to gift shops, national parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and hundreds of tourist destinations served by the Penny Machine Company.

The elongated penny machine first appeared at The World Colombian Exposition held in Chicago in 1892 and 1893. Using coins to create this keepsake is, in fact, legal. The United States Code under Title 18, Chapter 17, and Section 331 "prohibits the mutilation, diminution, and falsification of United States coinage". Yet the statute does not prohibit the alteration of coins if done without fraudulent intent. In other words, you cannot attempt to change a penny into a dime!

Quality is PMC's number one priority when it comes to the engravings for elongated pennies. Each design has a "3D" quality providing exquisite detail. All engravings for the elongated penny machine are handcrafted, giving your guests "high relief" engravings. These high quality elongated coins become prized collector's items, which are often traded among collectors who participate in this unique and fun filled hobby.