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The Penny Machine Company- We got something for everyone!

The Penny Machine Company manufactures many different styles of penny press machines. We offer wooden, bamboo, metallic, indoor, outdoor and fully customized cabinets. With the right design, PMC’s machines fit in well at any tourist attraction.

The Penny Machine Company’s penny press machine has a clear ramp that shows the penny’s progress as it rolls into the press. We find guests enjoy the experience of watching how their souvenir is actually made. Both the electric and hand crank machines that we manufacture are easy and safe to use. Many of our clients voiced concern regarding the amount of pressure needed to crank out a coin with the hand crank machines of our competitors. Therefore, PMC created a model to make it easier for children to use with minimal adult assistance.

Due to the speed of our electric penny press machine motors, we can offer guests a much faster experience than our competitors. The machines have been designed to offer easy access for children and light up to attract more attention, therefore making more money. Our electric machines are ADA compliant, allowing all of your guests access to use the pressed penny machine.